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In an effort to find comfort and connectedness through art, architecture, and design, Helms Bakery District in partnership with the Culver City Arts Foundation, is hosting and curating Projecting Possibilities, a video installation featuring a new artist each week for 52 weeks, an entire year of rotating digital art exhibitions to celebrate, nourish, support, and promote Los Angeles-based artists.



MAY 22, 2020 | 6 AM  I Los Angeles Times

That’s one of the most appealing features of “We Are Here / HereWe Are.” The serendipity of art encounters in public places is embedded in ordinary experience. Going into art museums and galleries is certainly gratifying, but these works thrive beyond institutions or the marketplace Certainly, some works can be taxing. Next to the driveway into an abandoned parking garage on a Sherman Oaks side street, Labkhand Olfatmanesh translates a conundrum about natural and social pressures that women encounter. Her installation features a dozen fluid-filled plastic bags, all tied up in a tree with yards of twine. A bag at the top, just out of reach, holds a baby doll, while another at the base is empty, flattened and held down on the ground by a rock. Within the installation’s plain reference to a tree of life, a subtle intimation of violence echoes in the context of abstention fromelevated motherhood. The tree, unsurprisingly, is an evergreen.

Baby Maybe Ongoing project 

by Labkhand Olfatmanesh

About the show

PØST @ MiM 2019  DUE DATE July 30th

Collaborator Artist:Scott Froschauer

Collaborator Musicians: Matt Piper, Maggie Parkins, Curt Remington

The project opportunity is a video and performance installation as part of my multidisciplinary series in public sites, Baby-Maybe, which playfully but seriously investigates my own life decision whether or not to have a child.  The film has layer in fictionalized elements and is live soundtracked by 3 musicians. Upon entering the gallery, attendees have be asked by performers dressed as medical professionals to hold a simulated real life baby doll for the duration of the film scripted specifically towards this experience. The dolls will be tagged with QR codes linked to short, different messages to humanize each doll with an inner monologue. Live soundtracking and large-scale projections of the interior monologue phrases, interspersed with other elements of the project, had be in an outdoor courtyard adjacent to a doll return station. Graphic signs by artist Scott Froschauer adapted with the words "You Are Enough" will lead to the return station.


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