The film will layer in fictionalized elements and is live soundtracked by 3 musicians. Upon entering the gallery, attendees will be asked by performers dressed as medical professionals to hold a simulated real life baby doll for the duration of the film scripted specifically towards this experience. The dolls will be tagged with QR codes linked to short, different messages to humanize each doll with an inner monologue. A GoPro will document attendees exiting the space holding the dolls to be used for future projects. Live soundtracking and large-scale projections of the interior monologue phrases, interspersed with other elements of the project, will be in an outdoor courtyard adjacent to a doll return station. Graphic signs by artist Scott Froschauer adapted with the words "You Are Enough" will lead to the return station.

Live Performance at Hollywood BLVD 2018

BabyMaybe is an ongoing project comprising performance, photographs, film, interviews with women of child-bearing age, and interactive gallery experiences.

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When you create somebody, you impose all the risks of life on them!
BabyMaybe is an interactive exhibit that incorporates audio, photography, video and installation art that explores the personal, and often untold, stories of women trapped in a world where they are biologically and culturally programmed to have kids.
The artist Labkhand Olfatmanesh, captures the raw emotion behind these children’s struggle and finds a way to point the viewer towards love and self-realization.
The pro

Video by Labkhand Olfatmanesh
Performance : Maryam Hashemi
Location: London, UK

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