OPENING:  MAY 16, 2020 

Durden and Ray presents We Are Here / Here We Are, a Los Angeles County-wide exhibition of nearly 100 artists that explores our innate desire for connectivity through sensation. Due to the constraints of the COVID-19 lockdown, the artists in this exhibition have chosen public spaces to display their work — from Santa Monica to the East Side and from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach. The location of each piece will be posted on a Google Map that allows the exhibition to be explored virtually or in real life.

Cycle (Baby Maybe)

Women still answer for choices we make with our bodies!

So in honor all women whose voices are silenced I will explore Los Angeles and photograph several of my clear bags filled with water and document them as street installations.  Bringing each bag to a unique site will evoke a feeling of privacy and grief in a public space. The journey will end at an outdoor space where I will place the words collected from my journey into a growing organism of reflection. I will donate to the National organization for Women daily, to reaffirm my purpose.  Join me!

 Explore Los Angeles in 30 Nights

I would like to hear you thoughts and words!

 I will gather the words and feelings from the various sites of the month into a growing organism of reflection.

Part of my challenge and project I will donate to the National organization for Women daily, join me!  

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